Infra-red Welding Machine

Infra-red welder

This freestanding standard configuration allows parts to be loaded and unloaded by an operator and comprises of a work station which can be tooled to suit your requirements and a dual zone infra-red emitter providing the heat. The emitters are designed for non-contact heat transfer and are programmed to transfer heat in a sophisticated step and linear profile which ensures that the parts to be welded are heated correctly ensuring that there will be no weld failure through material degradation.

The horizontal format of the machine has the ability to weld together a wide variety of plastic parts including: - automotive, white goods and electronic plastic components.

Modular Design
Welded steel construction
Locking Castors
Linear bearings
Hardened guide-ways
Power profiled heat
HMI interface
PLC control
Easy to use
Minimal maintenance
CE Marked
Complies with HSE