Ultrasonic Welding Machine

Ultrasonic welding machine

This machine puts dispensing caps on to full bottles of hand cleaner at 40 capped bottles a minute, it was designed and manufactured to stand in-line and take bottles from a filling machine and transport them through a cap loading station and then into the welding station, the bottles would then exit on to a further conveyor for labelling.

The equipment is constructed entirely of stainless steel and includes a removable bottle spider which is attached to a cam indexing box which transported the bottles from the in-feed to a dual head pick and place unit which took caps from a vibratory bowl feeder and placed them onto the bottles then indexed them to the welding station where two ultrasonic welding heads performed the welding operation, finally indexing them onto an exit conveyor. Bottles are gated along the exit conveyor where two of our precision pick and place labelling machines are attached for labelling the bottles.