Servo Driven Hot Plate Welding Machine

Servo driven hot plate welding machine

This servo driven plastic component welding machine allows accurate positioning of parts, without the need for mechanical stops as used on traditional hot plate weld machines. No non-stick coatings or tapes are required.

On traditional pneumatic machines, mechanical stops are conventionally built into the tools; these require time to set, to get optimum heat on components, then to position the weld joints.

On the servo driven machine, this is achieved electronically: the components can be brought together for heating, then welding, under variable speed control. This results in a better bond.

For example, in this case a servo driven non-contact hot plate welding machine is tooled to weld flanges on liquid flow meters. The operator places the flow meter on the left hand clamp and the flange on the right hand stand. Meter and flange are then conveyed into the safety guarded machine, which introduces the hot plate between them.

This video ( 12Mb .wmv ) shows the servo driven hot plate welding machine in action. It can be configured to run significantly faster than shown.

  •   precise positioning
  •   accurate temperature control
  •   best bond achievable
  •   non-contact operation
  •   no fumes or smoke
  •   low hot plate maintenance
  •   robust and reliable
  •   easy and safe
  •   more flexible modern technology
  •   suitable for many applications
  •   cost efficient

In the drawing depicting the process, the plastic is separated from the (yellow) hot plate by 1mm.